Roulette System When Playing: The Subtle Difference

The following should always be kept in mind when playing with strategies: When betting on single numbers, known in roulette as jargon Plein, it is generally expected that the player will tip the employees of the e wallet online casino Malaysia in the event of a win in the amount of the simple bet. This means that the payout is no longer de facto 35: 1, but is only 34: 1 for a winning number.

The winner usually doesn’t notice the difference in the intoxication of victory, but in the long run, this means a very significant disadvantage. The situation is very similar when betting on two numbers next to each other on the betting table (what is called Cheval in roulette jargon): In this case, if one of the two numbers falls, half of the original bet is usually expected as a tip. Just like hitting a number, this leads to a 2.7% advantage reduction over the other available bets. With regard to a sensible strategy, this is of outstanding importance in the long run.

Another tip: I advise you to always play the European (or French) version instead of the American version, if possible. There is a very simple reason for this: In American Roulette, there is an additional field in the wheel, namely a second zero. This hears the house edge of the bank – and naturally lowers the chances of winning for the player.

The Advantage Of Simple Chances

In Europe, the roulette game has developed so that when the zero appears when betting on simple chances (these are the opposing pairs: black/red, even / odd, manque / pass), the stake is blocked instead of it as being taken off the table – he remains in the game for the next round. As an alternative to this en prison rule, half of the stake is often paid back when the zero falls. This also has a huge impact on every roulette strategy, since the house advantage is reduced by half in both variants, which means relational advantages for the player.

This inevitably means that a bet on the simple odds is per se better for the player than any other available betting option. In terms of an optimal roulette strategy, this is particularly true in relation to betting on simple numbers when paying a tip. This is particularly important to take into account best online casino malaysia strategies that contain many simple numbers. In these cases, it is always advisable to bundle as many of these numbers as possible by betting on the simple odds in order to achieve the maximum effect for your own roulette strategy.

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