Monday, January 25, 2010

Art/Photo of the Day No 25 - "Gravity Wins"

Art of the Day no 25 - Photo by *OMangueOTangue on deviantART

Exciting afternoon.
My son and I were out photographing the mts. near the Indian Wells Tennis Gardens and we see a low flying plane. Not 2 minutes later it's crashed.

I had originally planned to drive all the way down Miles Avenue towards Washington but at the very last second turned left onto another street. Had I driven straight we would have been parallel to the plane as it crashed. Freaky.

The guy in the black (next to the Sheriff's officer) was the pilot of another plane up at the same time, which we also saw, they were on their way back from having lunch out of town (neat to fly out of town for lunch!) and caught the Mayday message and circled around to help authorities get the location to send help.

We were interviewed by a reporter from KMIR.
This photo, however, was used by KPSPlocal2 (Thank you!) on their 6pm newscast and also at their site:

Two men were injured and had just been taken away in an ambulance. Don't know how they are doing.

*(thanks to friend David Maples for the title)