Monday, June 29, 2009

The White Album

I had the distinct honor and the tremendous pleasure of being invited to participate in and with 12 other spectacular artists on this incredible book. Join me in celebrating our vision!
I have 50 copies available for pre-sale $20 for pick up at Comic-Con OR $20 plus shipping for mailed out copies (ships after Comic Con). San Diego Comic Con runs from July 22 - 26 (I will be there 23-26), 2009.
Copies will be for sale at my table #GG-17.

On February 7th, 1964 The CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite ran a story about The Beatles’ United States arrival in which the correspondent said “The British Invasion this time goes by the code name Beatlemania”.The fifteenth American album by The Beatles released in 1968 is commonly known as The White Album because it has no text other than the band’s name on its plain white sleeve, and on the early LP and CD releases, a serial number.


Forty-five years ago, The Beatles invaded America, bringing with them a sound and attitude different from anything any of us had seen or heard before. They challenged and inspired us, forcing us to think about how things could be if we would only realize the importance of love.

Its now 2009. Although ts been nearly forty years since The Beatles broke up, and yet their message is as relevant and influential as ever. The greatest band in history is still inspiring hope and dreams, still changing lives and fostering creativity, still shaping the way we look, listen and think.

Announcing THE WHITE ALBUM: A Collection of Images Inspired by the Music of The Beatles.

Compiled and introduced by writer and illustrator Russell Walks, and showcasing work by artists including Leah Mangue, Matt Busch, and others, THE WHITE ALBUM presents an exciting array of dynamic, emotional works of art, each of has been inspired by a song from The Beatles extensive catalogue.

THE WHITE ALBUM looks at the work of The Beatles through a kaleidoscope of artistic styles and viewpoints. THE WHITE ALBUM will be available for the very first time ever this summer at the San Diego Comic-Con (July 22 -26, 2009). Dont miss your chance to pick up a copy at the only location where every artist will be available to personalize your book.

Participating Artists Include:

Spencer Brinkerhoff III

Matt Busch

TC Cor

Nicole Falk

Grant Gould

Gabe Hernandez

Paul Michael Kane

Leah Mangue

Meghan McMahon

Jeff Pittarelli

Jamie Snell

Russell Walks

John Watkins-Chow

The White Album

Big thanks to Spencer Brinkerhoff III for the fantastic promo vid. Thanks to my fellow artists and the head of this fantastic project, Russell Walks.
I love you all!


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