Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Brief updates!!!

Where to begin..
A lot of work going on these days, enough to exclude me from most other life activities. haha!!

So, I'm just finishing the last of my extra 103 cards for Topps Heroes set and those should be off in the mail in the next couple of days.

I'm also finishing Strictly Inks' Big Screen Doctor Who cards (35 total from me) and will be starting my Lord of the Rings Masterpieces II shortly (106 from me). Indiana Jones Heritage cards will be arriving on my doorstop too (56 from me).

I'm also getting through my personal commission list, apologies to anyone for the longer than normal delay.

You can see most of the cards on my MySpace or DeviantArt pages.

I'll be working on some larger pieces in the upcoming months including a larger R2D2 and a larger portrait Eowyn. Very excited about those.


I currently have samples sent in to Topps for inclusion on the Indiana Jones Heritage set up for auction on eBay! Three day auction ends Friday.

Also on the auction block three of my six returned Lord of the Rings Masterpieces I (2006) cards.

Here are the links for both...

Indiana Jones cards (three left):

The Monkey

Lord of the Rings Masterpieces I (2006) part of my returned six...
The Ring
Frodo and the Ring

Also you can do a search for any of my work by going to ebay and typing in Mangue. Should bring up anything I've done, minus the Mangue beauty products and the music! ;)

Thanks a ton!