Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I was on the hunt for my Elvish name and had used a name generator to find something...well...fellow artist and friend, Connie Persampieri, steered me towards a more realistic approach to finding my name! All in fun of course.

First one has to find the meaning of their name(s) and I'd already known what they were, though she provided some as well. There was no word in Quenyan (High Elven) for Mango (Mangue) so I took my maiden name of Battle (formerly La Battaglia) and used that instead. Leah means (among a few other things) "meadow", La Battaglia means "Battle" but has also meant "warrior", since battle did not come up in the first Quenyan language dictionary I found I chose "Warrior".

Leah/ La Battaglia = Meadow/Warrior = Laide (which originally came up as Lairë / Ohtatyaro ...which after Connie's help with endings, basically dropping the last vowel of the intended word and adding one the following:

wen - maiden

iël - maiden

më - agentival

iën - daughter of

riël - crowned maiden

riën - crowned woman

I came up with Laidiël Ohtatyariën

Other meanings of Leah are "Cow" (none too flattering) or "weary" and in Assyrian (Aramaic/Neo-Aramaic) it means "mistress" or "ruler". Cow in Quenyan is "yaxë"; there is no word for weary or mistress in High Elven; ruler is "cáno", "cánu" or "tur ".

I found the word for Battle in another Quenyan dictionary and it is "mahtalë"

So, I could also use

Yaxë...Yaxmë Mahtaliën (might generate a laugh or two from some...Cow, daughter of Battle) :P


Cáno...Cánwen or Cánmë Mahtaliën

Tur...Turwen or Turmë Mahtaliën

There wasn't an ending for a married woman, only a maiden or a crowned maiden or crowned woman so I just combined whatever sounded good. :P And I'm sure...for all the experts out there...I mangled the Elvish language, but I had FUN doing it. :P

Connie provided some cool links which were helpful...for those of you wanting to look...

http://www.tengwar.art.pl/tengwar/ott/start.php?l=en - once you've done all the translating you can see your name in Tengwar (written)

But I also found links that were helpful...

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