Monday, October 08, 2007

Chicagoland Entertainment Collectors Expo - CECE

My first convention as a guest went very well and I had a terrific time! I was asked to do the cover art for the Expo's very first program (see above) and it turned out rather well.

I met a lot of wonderful people including, of course, the wonderful Paul and Diane Maiellaro who put on the intimate affair, Cherie, Vincent, Luis and Ben (with the magic hat and the David looks...except with a little bit of beard action) who were more than helpful as well as so many other members of the staff, Scott and Ed to name just two (I know I'm forgetting people...sorry), who worked their tails off to make sure everything ran smoothly.

The fans were just as pleasant and I talked and talked in between the sketching...boy did I talk.

Two Big Productions (Victor Layne and Larry Snodie) were conducting/filming interviews of all the guests and I found that both Victor and Larry were HUGE horror fans...Victor and I subsequently had a LONG conversation about all the terrific films from Hammer Horror AND a bonus of old and new Doctor Who talk!!
Also had a lovely chat with Gene from Alien Entertainment Company about Doctor Who...whom I also purchased a gold toy Dalek with Mutant Reveal for my son as he's been using R2D2 as a Dalek substitute for most of the year, which is simply wrong. :P

The celebrity guests were wonderful...
The coolest man in the world, Ernie Hudson, my good friend and voice of Salacious Crumb/the Gremlins, Mark Dodson (finally!). Forever young Ron Palillo (author/playwright: The Lost Boy) who had a seemingly endless supply of natural energy (of which I wish I'd had from day two onward) and stories. Erin (Moran) and her husband Steve who were such a blast! Larry Thomas (Seinfeld) was great! I had a nice conversation with C. Andrew Nelson spoke briefly with Corin Nemec, heard some interesting stories and trivia from Larry Storch and his sweet wife who were directly across from my table in the convention room. And I cannot forget to mention the lovely and charming Cindy Morgan!!!


Also this month Non-Sport Update Magazine did an article (by Ryan Cracknell) on the Women of Sketch Cards which included interviews with me, Cynthia Cummens, Rowena Pagarigan and Connie Persampieri. To read the entire article please purchase a copy at ...

More to come!


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