Monday, November 06, 2006

Outside world?

This is what a stack of nearly 300 (some are placed aside) sketch cards looks they are. The pile is only somewhat daunting, I'm actually very excited to be working on this project for Breygent.
My natural tendencies towards particularity and ritual become heightened when I have projects such as this. For instance, I don't like to watch anything on my regular TV, I watch what I can on my computer screen (purely a time saving habit), a short walk in the morning to clear my head, an hour of work on my site ( to warm up my digits, play with my son at regular intervals (keeps my perspective clear), and eating well (and by well I mean HEALTHY, a very positive byproduct of my particularity), and somehow I manage to regulate my usual business throughout the day. The stronger regimentation makes me feel all tingly inside. *big laugh*
I do take a few breaks but only for a few minutes, any more than that and it's too much time off and I begin to feel anxious about work...mealtimes are interesting.
With the exception of the walk and the occasional mailing I don't see much of the outside world! ;)