Monday, September 11, 2006

George & Me - Release Date

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George and Me - documentary release
George and Me, the documentary by Sky Wilson and Vin Kelly, will be released on September 30th, 2006 for regions 1 & 2.
I am one of the interviewees.
Here is a press release/article found at
New Star Wars Documentary: George & Me
5HeadsTall Productions, the Manchester UK based company responsible for the hugely successful online TV show "Inside Report", are thrilled to announce that the long awaited documentary, "George and Me" is to be released on DVD on 30th September 2006. "George and Me" investigates how much of a positive "force" Star Wars has been on fans' lives since its release nearly 30 years ago. It shows that the traditional stereotype of the "geeky" fan has little value in today's world and that being a fan can really enrich your life and give you the courage to shoot for the stars.

It features interviews with fans such as Albin Johnson founder of the 501st,, and Shane Felux director of "Revelations", the most successful fan-film to date. It also features many other fans from across the globe who have all done amazing and wonderful things because of their love for Star Wars. The film took the two indie producers, Sky Wilson and Vin Kelly, nearly 2 years to complete, financing the whole operation themselves. They travelled across the United States and all over England in order to see first hand the amazing accomplishments that fans had achieved. "All of the fans fans we met were special people and should get the recognition they deserve", said Sky. "We wanted to show that Star Wars fans are really wonderful people who have done great things as a result of liking Star Wars," adds Vin. This film is the company's first foray into documentary filmmaking and they hope it's not the last. The film is released on DVD in Region 1 and Region 2 formats on 30th September 2006.

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