Friday, September 01, 2006

Comic-Con 2006

Short summarized highlights about my pleasant trip to Comic-Con this year...

I attended Fri., Sat and Sun. I was introduced to so many people now I can't possibly recall all of them...I remember faces photographically but names come a little bit harder. :P


* I had some difficulties finding the portfolio review section of the convention, it was in a different place than it was last year. But, acquaintance and good guy John Hudgens (Sith Apprentice, the upcoming American Scary) stopped to chat with me for a little while and gladly pointed me in the right direction.

* Short meet with Lucasfilm portfolio reviewer Troy Alders, he was very pleasant and positive.

* I headed over to Artist Alley to say my hello's. I recognized someone right off the bat but saw that artist Grant Gould was standing right behind him and headed over to introduce myself formally. I then saw Bonnie Burton who was talking to someone else..but Grant quickly pointed out that Joss Whedon was right behind me. Yes, the very same person I'd recognized but didn't filter to the right "fan" related cell in my grey matter. While I kick myself for not getting a photograph with him I did introduce myself, showed him my Serenity artwork and gave him my card. Really nice fellow.
Grant got a great picture of Whedon with artist Tom Hodges, which he took just before I arrived (you can see Bonnie in the background). Grant took a picture of Bonnie and I together. You can see all of Grant's awesome pics HERE, make sure to click the links too.

*I think I said hello to half the artists I'd talked to online over the past few months...Joe Corroney, Justin Chung, Cynthia Cummens, Gabriel Hernandez, Tom Hodges and his wife Terri, Otis Frampton. As I chatted with Joe Corroney at his table I met Able Peña and Dan Wallace. We all headed over to the Star Wars Spectacular.

*Snakes on a Plane panel. After the SW Spectacular ended I stayed to watch the Snakes on a Plane presentation. We sat next to one of the stars of the film the lovely and sweet Lyn Shaye. We chatted for a few moments about some of the films she'd done. Frankly I recognized her but wasn't placing her name or her films immediately but knew I'd just seen her in something. The film I'd seen her in was Detroit Rock City, I watched it again to grab the Star Wars reference during the beginning credits. She's very cool and helped to design the Snakes on a Plane jewelry. I got some good shots of Mr. Jackson, et al., as well. The panel was a riot.

*The 501st dinner was next and after a short break and finally checking into our hotel, my husband and I made our way over to the dinner. Many of the artists were there as well as Karen Traviss (who I spoke to briefly, lovely woman), Kevin Rubio (Troops), Aaron Allston, Steve Sansweet as well as the great people of the 501st!

*Headed over to the almost over Master Replicas party hung out for what seemed like only minutes then headed over to the Gentle Giant/Dark Horse/Weta thing. Met with many of the Star Wars artists and chatted and drank...a little. ;) Was pleased to meet the sweet and cute Bryan Singer (Superman Returns) and then the formidable but very pleasant Edward James Olmos (Adama - Battlestar Galactica) who gave me a big hug and a very wet kiss on the lips and cheek! Awesome. Another party followed. I can't recall at which wee hour I finally made it to sleep but I was very glad to get it.

I honestly don't know where most of the day went but I did hang out quite a bit with Joe and Justin at their table, talked a lot with Randy Martinez and Gabriel Hernandez...met a ton more artists and talked and talked and talked.

I did run into an old acquaintance from the early 90's back in Santa Barbara, Mark Andrews. He was down for the day hanging out and promoting his stuff. If there's anyone out there who hasn't picked up a copy of Tales of Colossus...shame!

We had an ok dinner that night (service was nearly non-existent) but the company was great (Abel, Dan, Jeff, Joe, Justin, Andy, Michael).

* Headed over to a place downtown and hung out with more of the same. Randy Martinez took some great photos. The picture of me and "Rick" actually me and artist Ryan Waterhouse. I was enlisted to take the pic of Randy and Matt Busch. :P Finally met Pablo Hidalgo and his beautifully-coifed girlfriend Kristen and...well, look at the pics you can see who's there.

*Several stops, drinks and walking ensued and a chance meeting with LOST actor Jorge Garcia (see the pic on MySpace page...what luck! Then a final stop at a party which lasted until...oh...5:30 am.

More talking with the artists, I did a lot of that obviously since I saw almost nothing of the convention itself...good thing I got in free. I Bought my 501st exclusive and a TIE fighter and had to get on the road and relieve my parents of my 3 year old son. The drive home was quiet and peaceful (totally needed) and there was a sunset to die for.

I swear...conventions seem to be the place where artists get all their talking out in between drawing gigs. Drawing is so very solitary (thankfully) and quiet and the conventions are in complete contrast to the normal day-to-day of that.

Back to work.

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