Sunday, March 12, 2006


I can't say this happens all the time but occasionally I am distracted from my work by research. Sometimes it's in the form of, or FOR, inspiration, sometimes for historical info (familial or otherwise), or whatever. Of course if there's no time limit and my purpose has been satisfied I will go off on a couple of tangents. It's like a whisper from one person to the next and so on. By the time I finish what I started the message has changed dramatically.

Today, one search took me from Clancy Brown to David Tannenberg. Another from Heart Surgery to Snow in the Desert and on to a series of dogs. One of the photos in the dog series was a man hiking in the mountains looking over the valley here. It was an incredible view, that lead me to thoughts of all my trips into the wilderness as a child and beyond, the bears we'd run across and other more secretive or smaller creatures too. So much beauty. That was enough motivational thought to keep me drawing for the next 5 hours straight.

My father and my husband both often marvel at how long I'm able to concentrate without feeling antsy, getting a headache or other pains, or tired. I can't explain that exactly but drawing gives me energy, yet calms. Some mornings I think I might be too tired to start (but I do anyway), once I sit down and put pencil to paper I'm pretty much set for the day. It's on the very rare occasion when I am sick or have a headache where art takes a secondary role in the day...not that I always have a choice in the matter. There are no sick days when you work for yourself.

I have two projects to share, I have many more but I'm only sharing these two. Both are WIP (works in progress) one is a commission and the other is for a show here next month (April). The next blog entry will focus on these works.


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